532 pages

English language

Published Jan. 12, 1999


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5 stars (1 review)

Near future Earth and a new cold war is in full swing - the Dutch Cold War. The US is a shadow of its former self and in hock to Europe, its infrastructure falling apart at the seams and with nomadic tribes roaming from state to state living according to no one's rules but their own. Oscar Valpariso, spin doctor to possibly the next president ,is only half human but if he can straighten out his love life and solve a worldwide crisis that only he has noticed, America should be ripe for the taking ...

1 edition

A Prophecy That Is Coming True

5 stars

This late 1990s political thriller has always seemed fairly prophetic to me. The social constructs and the problems a post collapse America faces in this book are eerily similar to what a quick spin around the news channels on YouTube will show you of 2022.

I have owned three or four copies of this book; it's so good it keeps walking off. I have a fresh copy I acquired in later 2022 that I intend to reread in the first quiet moment ... if 2023 manages to provide such a luxury.