The Honourable Schoolboy

Paperback, 624 pages

Published June 7, 2011 by Penguin Books.


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2 stars (1 review)

3 editions

A wild complex ride... so much going on I can't remember what the hell happened... for 600 pgs

2 stars

I'm surprised I didn't like this book as much as "Tinker, Tailor...". I think it was because it was so easy for me to get lost in the events. I joked that some books can be complex, but you don't need to make a spreadsheet or flowchart regarding who, what, where, and when...but I got to feeling it would've been easier if I did make one this time around.

The overall story, that I could see, was interesting in a lot of respects. I found the travels and trips of our heroes worth a read. The action jumps all over the map, and is definitely worthy for a contemporary and historical slant on things. The Vietnam War is nearly over as events unfold, and following Jerry Westerby's adventures, along with the re-built Circus, has its moments. LeCarre is excellent at putting us in the war zones.

Beyond that, I had …