Extremely Online (Hardcover, 2023, Simon & Schuster) 5 stars

Acclaimed Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz presents a groundbreaking social history of the internet—revealing how …

To err is human. To forfeit the battle for the shortform creative video market to TikTok is Vine.

5 stars

A fast (but, at times, suprisingly in-depth) survey of the rise of user-generated content in the age of social marketing, "Creators", and influencers. shines a light on some familiar faces but also gives a voice and shows the work done by a lot of folks forgotten or ignored by the current narratives around the landscape of attention-seeking platforms, products, and people.

What ultimately sets this book apart from so many others that have also focused on the companies and products that shape our world today is that Lorenz examines the people behind the content, not the technology.

Worth a read.