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Roy Adams

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I mainly read sci-fi, mystery, some suspense/horror and the occasional non-fiction.


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Limit of vision (2002, Tor) 5 stars

A beautiful young scientist lies dead in a top-secret laboratory, a victim of an illegal …

Great story about biotechnology and unplanned consequences

5 stars

Bioengineered human neurons give Virgil and his scientific collaborators enhanced cognitive abilities. But then things start going wrong and Virgil slips away from the authorities in pursuit. Soon Virgil and the world find that the technology doesn't want to be contained.

Titanium Noir (2023, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group) 5 stars

Cal Sounder is a detective working for the police on certain very sensitive cases. So …

Very engaging noir tale

5 stars

An engaging noir tale set in a world where a Titan treatment makes a person larger and practically immortal. Cal operates as a detective working with police to solve cases involving Titans.

Stone Mad (EBook, 2018) 5 stars

Karen Memory is back with a tale about spiritualists, magicians, con-men, and an angry lost …

Great second entry in the Karen Memory series

5 stars

After the harrowing events is the first Karen Memory book Karen and Priya have moved on to new careers. But they still find themselves in trouble. A great second story in the series with lots of action and character development.

Family Style (2023, Roaring Brook Press, First Second) 5 stars

Moving graphic novel about Thein Pham's immigration from Vietnam to the United States

5 stars

My daughter recommended I read this and I'm very glad I did. Thein tried the story of his family's immigration from Vietnam to the United States in moving way with strong impact.

The left left behind (2009, PM Press, Gazelle [distributor]) 5 stars

Sardonic and merciless, this satire of the entire apocalyptic enterprise provides a humorous and timely …

Two great short stories and an interesting interview

5 stars

The Left Left Behind is a good satire of the original Left Behind series.

Special Relativity is a short play starring Albert Einstein, Paul Robeson and J. Edgar Hoover. Einstein figures out how to create a singularity that brings the trio to the early 2000's.

The interview has many interesting questions and responses.

Lords and Ladies (2005) 5 stars

Great story exposing the reality of elves

5 stars

We're learn that elves on Discworld might be glamorous but they are very akin to a cat enjoying toying with a mouse. Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick have returned home to the small kingdom of Lancre. As they step back into their lives they discover that someone is letting the elves through to Discworld. Some wizards (and the Librarian!) from the Unseen University along with Casanunda enter the tale to attend a royal wedding.