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I mainly read sci-fi, mystery, some suspense/horror and the occasional non-fiction.


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Family Style (2023, Roaring Brook Press, First Second) 5 stars

Moving graphic novel about Thein Pham's immigration from Vietnam to the United States

5 stars

My daughter recommended I read this and I'm very glad I did. Thein tried the story of his family's immigration from Vietnam to the United States in moving way with strong impact.

The left left behind (2009, PM Press, Gazelle [distributor]) 5 stars

Sardonic and merciless, this satire of the entire apocalyptic enterprise provides a humorous and timely …

Two great short stories and an interesting interview

5 stars

The Left Left Behind is a good satire of the original Left Behind series.

Special Relativity is a short play starring Albert Einstein, Paul Robeson and J. Edgar Hoover. Einstein figures out how to create a singularity that brings the trio to the early 2000's.

The interview has many interesting questions and responses.

Lords and Ladies (2005) 5 stars

Great story exposing the reality of elves

5 stars

We're learn that elves on Discworld might be glamorous but they are very akin to a cat enjoying toying with a mouse. Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick have returned home to the small kingdom of Lancre. As they step back into their lives they discover that someone is letting the elves through to Discworld. Some wizards (and the Librarian!) from the Unseen University along with Casanunda enter the tale to attend a royal wedding.

reviewed Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear

Karen Memory 5 stars

Karen Memory is a steampunk novel by Elizabeth Bear. It was published by Tor Books, …

Engaging steam punk story set in the Pacific Northwest

5 stars

A very well written story about Karen, a seamstress (sex worker) in a fictional Pacific Northwest city who deliberately choose that career to when towards future goals. Lots of very engaging characters in Karen's life as she works to help protect her friends, found family and city from people intent on harming them.

Karen Memory 5 stars

Karen Memory is a steampunk novel by Elizabeth Bear. It was published by Tor Books, …

A wonderful phrase: I wished i could offer her tea. You don't think about it, but all those little fusses we make over company have their purpose. They give us something to do with our hands and our anxiousness until everybody settles in and starts having fun.

Bone Silence (2020, Orion Publishing Group, Limited) 4 stars

Sequel to Shadow Captain.

Sweeping continuation of the Ness sisters' story

4 stars

Alistair Reynolds delivers a sweeping continuation of the Ness sisters' story in Bone Silence. Old foes reappear, new allies are made and lots of stunning revelations.

In the acknowledgements Alistair writes that he is setting the Ness sisters aside "for a while". I look forward to reading more about them and/or the Congregation. #Bookstodon