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XML apologist. Erlang enthusiast. Currently JVMs & Performance stuff at Netflix. Previously JVMs & performative stuff at Twitter. He/him.

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Silverview (Paperback, 2022, Penguin Books) 5 stars

A Perfect End

5 stars

Magnus Pym and Edward Avon and Rick blend together with a funeral at the end of all of it. Sprinkle a little Nietzsche on top and you have a wonderful wrap up of the John le Carré extended universe. It all ends, of course, with a bureaucratic whimper. Anyway, it is Cornwall at his best.

Joe Country (2020, Soho Press, Incorporated) 4 stars

A rebound from the previous book.

4 stars

I was relieved to have this "Slow Horses" installment find steadier footing. The dialogue was much better than the last outing (and funnier lines). The plot was a bit thin, but not too far beyond belief. Quite a body count racking up, however.

London Rules (2019, Soho Press, Incorporated) 2 stars

"London Rules might not be written down, but everyone knows rule one: Cover your arse. …

Le Carré would never.

2 stars

A fascinating open, but the writing and subsequent plot felt a bit phoned in. The dialog (and in particular Lamb's banter) was a bit forced and predictable. Anyway, a bit of a disappointment given the strong showing of the first four books. I'm cautiously optimistic that Herron picks up again, but going to say this one should be put out to pasture.

Cuba libre (2012, William Morrow & Co) 4 stars

A novel on the Spanish-American War featuring adventurer Ben Tyler, an Arizona horse dealer. Just …

Speed run through the Spanish-American War.

4 stars

An enjoyable, fast-paced (it is an Elmore Leonard book after all) tour through turn-of-the-century Cuba. A heck of a western, even if it takes place in the Carribean. ACAB, even back then.

The Secret Pilgrim (1991, Viking) 5 stars

Smiley's Planet

5 stars

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